Island Sprinkler provides irrigation / sprinkler installations to all residential and commercial owners.

Irrigation and Sprinkler Repair Services

Island Sprinkler provides irrigation / sprinkler installations to all residential and commercial owners. The dry season here in SW FL can be devasting especially when you start noticing brown spots on your grass or that are plants need water. A properly designed system should be installed right away. We have taken the lead in efficiency. We’ll provide a water-efficient system while also keeping your lawn and garden green.

Our main focus is to provide top quality service which would help conserve your water, be on time, and to ensure that your system operates smoothly.


  • Drainage is an essential and pertinent element to ensuring that healthy or your plants.
  • We keep the benefits of proper drainage, in regards to your foundation, in mind when working with your lawn.
  • Our specialists are well qualified to assist with diverting water from your home, thereby assisting with erosion prevention.
  • Our team is well equipped to determine the specific drainage system solution that would best meet your lawn’s needs.


  • Our experts have over 40 years of experience and have a true understanding of importance of assisting our clients to maintain the most optimal state of their lawn year round.
  • Our specialists understand the intricacies of the most essential factor of maintaining your lawn, your irrigation system.
  • We allot extra time to ensure your irrigation system is meeting your lawn needs.
  • Our priority is to provide prompt, professional, and courteous service to both the residential and commercial residents of Marco Island, Florida.
  • We specialize in new installations with qualifications and experience from design to installation.
  • We are proficient in all brands of irrigation products though we prefer to use Rain Bird equipment. It is our opinion that Rain Bird offers system longevity while simultaneously serving to be user friendly. However, our employees are also well trained to perform maintenance on any product you may personally prefer.
  • We strive to focus on water conservation during the sign, installation, and maintenance phases.


Located in Marco Island and servicing all of SWFL

We will start by asking about your specific concerns, expectations, and goals for your project. Once we have the necessary details, we will make specific recommendations as to the best solution to meet your needs.